Best visitors ever.

  • Me: *Sitting with a confused blue-hair. Minding my own. Enjoying the quiet. On the internet. Studying... When the patient's daughter and son-in-law walk in.*
  • Me: *Aw great. There goes the peace and quiet. Let the questions and the awkwardness begin...*
  • Daughter: Has he been out all day?
  • Me: Mmhmm. They gave him something to help him sleep. He didn't sleep at all last night and he was agitated this morning. Pulling at his tubes and wires again...
  • Daughter: Well, if he's going to be sleeping I am just going to take off. Thanks for watching him!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *yesssss*


I kind of like it when strangers ask me how many kids I have or “what does your wife do?” Because they actually don’t know what an awkward, damaged, introverted, derp I am. They actually think I am normal. And for a split second It almost makes me feel like I might have actually once had a chance at any of those things at some point in my past.

Meanwhile, one of these days, people that actually know me are going to start opening conversations with me with: “So, how many cats do you have now?”